28 Oct 2014

Beauty on a budget

 I know I'm not the only one who watches Youtube beauty gurus talking about all those fancy and expensive makeup lines and dreaming that one day you will afford them. But, until then, we must work with the old high-street goodies.
As much as I love makeup, sometimes is very difficult to find good bargains if you are on a budget. It's hard, ladies, but not impossible! If you have a spare time someday, you can walk among the aisles of your local high-street shop and you'll be surprise to discover some great deals for resonable beauty products. That's how I found this great, long lasting lip liner from MUA. I was watching for a dark, almost vampy lipstick to wear but having no luck finding one for the money I was willing to spend that day, I bumped into this lip liner. I still want a vampy lipstick but for the moment, this will do the job.

"Brooding plum" it's a dark red, with a tempt of a plum undertone which makes my teeth look whiter. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't pick the true shade, it makes it a little bit lighter than it actually is (boo!).
Although this is long lasting, it does transfer a little bit and it highlights the dry patches on the lips. So you need to moisturize them very well before wearing it.
 I know this is not your Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury lip product, but I do believe it is a good one considering its 1£ price.

I would really like to know if you've tried this lip liner before!

26 Oct 2014

My first love

Perfume is something intimate, sophisticated and glamorous.
I've always thought you can describe a person by the perfume she or he is wearing. It's like a hint to their personality.
Perfumes can also revive your oldest memories or change your mood from the first sniff.

Poeme is a love story to me. It's been in my life since I was little. I sang in a choir and our conductor used to wear this perfume. For me that lady was like a fairy: she was beautiful, she had a lovely voice and smelled divine.
Although I met several women who wore this scent, I never knew what it was until 5 years ago. One day, I wanted to buy a pair of shoes and I felt this haunting fragrance on the sales girl. As I left the shop, I told my boyfriend that I loved the perfume she was wearing for years, but I don't know the name of it. He told me to ask her and even though I hesitated at first, I asked her. I was so, so happy to finally know the name of my beloved perfume!

Now I have my own fairy fragrance and I love wearing it. It's a strong, classic fragrance. It's warm and a little bit intoxicating. I find it suitable for mature ladies and that's way I wear it mostly on special occasions or in the colder seasons. It's not my daily choice of perfume because this is like gold in a bottle. It lingers on my skin for so long and sometimes I can still feel it after a shower.

Even though I love other fragrances too, Poeme will always be in my life as my first love.

What's your favourite perfume?