31 Jan 2016

Party just for one

It's Sunday evening and I want to have some pampering time as I have a full week in front of me. For that, I went shopping yesterday because I was running low on some products and also I wanted to treat myself with new pyjamas..as you do when you feel down: you go crazy with the prints and buy something comfortable, playful and cute to make you feel better. And where do you go for the cutest pyjamas? Primark, of course! I bought a set with a T-shirt and bottoms that have the most adorable print ever: a mouse wearing glasses. Iiiii! I will live in these for the next decade! Haha! Also, I've decided to buy a shirt which is a bit sexy and has a lovely rose print. I imagine myself wearing this in a breezy night of summer, somewhere in Greece. Perfect!

Back to the wintery England where I felt that I needed some candles for my pampering night. Also got them from Primark. These don't have a strong scent at all but I went with the theme of summer when I chose the coral and grey colours for my purchases.

For the actual pampering, I will use my Soap&Glory products that I've mentioned in one of my recent posts and after that, I will treat my skin with the new products that I've bought from The Body Shop. I was debating between the "Vitamin E" range from them or another drugstore moisturizer. I chose "Vitamin E" just because I had a voucher and also because I had the "Vitamin E" serum and I thought that using the whole range will make a difference for my face.

A successful "treat yourself" evening is ending with good hair and my hair looks great when I use a mousse. Got2b "Mind blowing" was my choice for a new hair mousse.  I also bought new dry shampoos as I used all the ones that I had from Batiste. I wanted to try the "Extreme Volume" ones from Colab, in the scents "Tokyo" and "Rio"

It's getting late now and I want to de-stress with a hot bath. Are you having a party just for you as well?

28 Jan 2016

Burt's Bees "Almond&Milk Hand Cream"

I've been away for a week and a half just because I was very sick.  All I wanted to do was to stay in bed and sleep. But now I feel a hundred times better and I must say that I missed my blog!

Today I've decided to write about a hand cream that I had my eyes on for a very long time and about a month ago, I finally bought it. It's the "Almond&Milk Hand Cream" from Burt's Bees. I heard so many good things about it and that is why I wanted to try it. First of all, this costs 10 pounds which, I find it to be on the high-end side of hand cream products. With that come the big expectations that I had for it.

The texture of it is almost like Vaseline, really thick and greasy. You would think that must be a good sign and that it will moisturize the skin very well. Oh no, it did not do that at all! Yes, it leaves the skin soft and hydrated while you rub it on your hands but even though I left it to make its magic overnight, after I washed my hands, they felt as dry as they were before. It does nothing for my very dry skin, my cuticles look as bad as before and I have to use another hand cream or body butter to retain some moisture.

I am very disappointed with this product and I don't even think I have the world's driest skin. It makes me sad as this is the first product that I've tried from Burt's Bees and I know it is more of a natural brand. I really wanted it to work! Poo!

Oh, I don't want to skip over the smell of it either. A very, very strong scent of marzipan that lingers for hours. I love marzipan but this is sickly sweet.

At the moment, "Hand Food" from Soap&Glory is still the best hand cream that I've tried but I wouldn't say it's a HG for me.

Have you found the perfect hand cream for you?