28 Mar 2016

Empties #04

Another empties post as my bag of used products was quite full so I wanted to through them away! I've been using these up for the last two months so that's why there are so many.
I will start with the boring stuff just by mentioning them and letting you know if I will repurchase these or not:

3 Colab Dry Shampoos in the versions "Tokyo" and "New York"- Yes! 
Batiste Dry Shampoo in the version "Heavenly Volume" - Yes!
Batiste Texturizing Spray - Not that sure!
Got2B "Rise'n'Shine Hairspray" - No! It was too watery and it didn't do that much for holding the hair.
L'oreal Studio Line "Boost and Gloss Hair Mousse" - No! It didn't offer much volume.
Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime "Omega Repair Conditioner" - No!
Schwarzkopf Gliss "Liquid Silk Conditioner" - Yes!
Dove "Original Spray Deodorant" - Yes!
Right Guard "Total Defence 5" in the version "Sport" - Yes!
Bioten Face Cleanser - Yes!
Garnier "Moisture Nourish+" Moisturizer - No because it didn't impress me that much!
The Body Shop "Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil" - No!
St. Ives "Apricot Face Scrub" - Yes!
Garnier "Micellar Water for Combination Skin" - Yes!
Soap&Glory "Hand Food Cream" - Yes!
Now, for the fun part, which is makeup, I was very proud to finish the NYX blush in the shade "Taupe" the one that I've been using as a contouring powder. I loved it and I will repurchase it in the future but right now I am experimenting with other products. I've mentioned this in my "Project 5 Pan". I have already finished two products and I don't have that much left from the other three left!
I also used up two shades of the Bourjois "Healthy Mix Foundation". I had the shades 52 "Vanille" and 53 "Light Beige". It's a nice foundation and I would repurchase it again!
From Bourjois I also finished the "Healthy Mix Powder" in the shade 52 "Vanille" and the "Twist Up the Volume" Mascara . The powder was good but I've found a better one so I don't think I will repurchase it. The mascara was alright but I'm not sure if I would spend my money on it again.
Another Artdeco "Camouflage Cream Concealer" in the shade "1 Green" that I''ve used up! Love it and it's one of my HG products!
The last empty product is the Seventeen "Skin WOW Primer". It's a shimmery liquid that you can apply before your foundation or mix them together if you want a dewy finish. I liked it but I think I will try the liquid illuminator from Nars.

Any products you have been using up lately?

27 Mar 2016

Manicure routine

Painting my nails is part of my beauty routine. I do it about twice a week depending on the nail polish and on the mood that I have.
Whenever I have my nails bare, I feel bored, a bit sad and if you see me with my nails unpainted, that means I feel poorly.
Today I chose a nail polish from Barry M, called "Berry Cosmo" which is a dark purple shade.

12 steps for my perfect manicure
1. First thing to do is to take a good look at my nails just to see if I need to do the whole regimen of the manicure or not. Today, I had to go for the whole thing.
2. Take off my old nail polish.
3. File them. I go for a rounded square look.
4. Buff them because this helps the nail polish to not chip.
5. Use a cuticles remover. I use "Instant Cuticle Remover" from Sally Hansen
6. Remove the dead skin around the nail bed.
7. I only cut the rough skin that sometimes can hurt me.
8. I use nail polish remover to make sure no oils are left on the nail bed and that I'm ready for painting them on a clean surface.
9. Use a base coat. I like the one from OPI "Nail Envy", the original formula.
10. Colour them. This is the part that I've been waiting for!
11. Take a cotton bud to clean the cuticles from the messy painting that I have.
12. Use a top coat. Seche Vite is the one to go for!

Et voila! This is my final result! I do know that I still have some nail polish around the edges but after I wash my hands a couple of times, they look like I've been at the salon.
I prefer short nails as I find that every colour looks better on them than on longer nails.

What do you think?