13 Dec 2014

St. Nicholas gifts

In Romania, in the evening of the 5th of December, every child prepairs his boots in waiting for St. Nicholas.
If you were good, St. Nicholas will bring you mostly sweets and maybe a book or a toy but if you were bad, you'll receive a rod with a little red bow.
Although I am a "grown up" now, I still like this tradition and every year I clean my boots and hope St. Nicholas won't forget me.
This year I think I was very good as I received some lovely presents! I love my new pijama from Primark and my Yankee tea candles that I burn in the evening in the little Yankee Candle red jar! I feel so cosy after that!
For pampering nights, I choose the "Sugar Crush" set from Soap&Glory which smells fresh but sweet at the same time. And to finish the night in a glamorous way, I paint my nails with the most beautiful berry red shade from BarryM - "Raspberry".

I know this post is kinda late but I really wanted to remember these beautiful gifts and I hope St. Nicholas came to you, too!

18 Nov 2014

Shopping therapy

As a girl, I always find excuses to go shopping. So, when something runs out, it's more than excusable to rush into Boots or Superdrug.
I needed a new deodorant as I've finished the one from Dove, and I picked "Double effect" from Nivea. It's a resonable deodorant for autumn/winter and it has a pleasant violets fragrance. Next purchase was a much needed one for my lips because there's nothing better than Carmex, especially in winter. I chose the strawberry one just to see if it's as good as the original one.
With "Poeme" gone, I had to buy something new to replace it. No money for expensive perfumes and so I bought "Mist you madly" from Soap&Glory which smells so good and it lingers quite a bit. It will do for now!
If I had to choose one item for my makeup, that would be a brow product for the reason that I own spare eyebrows. Rimmel's "Eyebrow pencil" in "Black brown" is my all time favourite and I always have a backup as I do not want to run out of it!
You know when you find a product that you know you don't need it but you can't stop thinking at it? Isn't that meaning you actually need it?! Well, I "needed" BarryM's matte nail polish in "Crush". No regrets!
Now I am happy with my new "toys" and I know what I'll do this evening (painting my nails).

 Hope you'll have a nice and relaxing evening as I will!